College help to guide us through the process

Unfortunately we are not getting the answers we seek from our high school counselor.
 She is very passive and gives very little information and refuses to take the time to sit down with us. 
I understand that she’s busy but I was under the assumption that they would be there to help us when this time comes. 

So my question is,  can we hire someone to hold my child's hand through this process?

Is this kind of thing expensive? 

For reasons I do not care to share,  my basic comprehension doesn’t always work for me and I’m really looking for someone who can show us step-by-step and guide us Through the process. 

Thank you

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Yes, you can hire a private college counselor to guide you and your child through the process. And yes, it's expensive - several thousand dollars.  But well worth it if you can afford it; the counselor will identify specific schools that may be a good fit, as well as advising on high school activities and classes, helping to manage the application process, and tutoring on essay writing and test taking.  And much more personalized, of course, than what a high school counselor who is assigned hundreds of students can do.  You can find private counselor reviews & recommendations here on BPN.