College Finance Advisor Desperately Needed

We very much need the counsel of a finance advisor with specific expertise in managing family finance as the FAFSA filing approaches. For example, we need someone who can advise us of the consequences of doing a cash-out mortgage re-fi both before and after the FAFSA filing. We also need help understanding how our assets figure into the EFC, specifically in the context of having a second child only a year away from his FAFSA.

So far, the only folks we've found tend to specialize in identifying schools and scholarships as well as filling out forms, which is less of what we need than someone who can help us identify how to apply and position our somewhat limited resources at the same time that we're seeking financial support for one and then a second child in college.

Thanks for reading and for any referrals/recommendations you can make. Best wishes to all.

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Check Paying for College 101 Facebook group. There is tons of info there and people who will respond for free in detail! I met with a counselor recommended here ( can’t remember her name) but honestly that group was more helpful. Also they have lots of webinars etc Join it today and search the archives. Good luck! 

Yes!  Beacon College Funding is exactly what you want!  Nancy and Niki are awesome!  It's in San Francisco, but we started with them during the very beginning of the pandemic and we met on Zoom.  Easy peasy.  They will come up with a plan that works for your family.  You will meet with them several times to refine the plan until it's exactly what you want.  The flat fee (which you can pay over time) covers all your kids until they graduate from college.  I have 3 kids spread out over 7 years, so it's a no-brainer for me.  Even if it was otherwise, I would still pay for it.  The peace of mind knowing there was a plan in place to pay for college is worth every penny.  You can reach out to me if you'd like more information.  

There is a service/business called Financial Aid Navigator that does exactly what you are asking for. I spoke with one of their advisors, Angela, last year before my son chose a school and she had great advice. You can reach out to them at pierrejospe [at], or check out their website for more info.