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I'm not looking for someone to help with college application essays, which seems to be the specialty for which most posters ask.  My daughter is 21, three years out of high school.  She didn't go to college or prepare to do so when in high school, but now is interested in possibly testing the waters at a community college, perhaps by taking a class or two first.  I know we can probably call some of the community colleges themselves, but it's summer, and I doubt my daughter is will to deal with voicemails and transfers to "someone who might know."  I'd like to find someone who has worked with late bloomers and who has experience and knowledge about paths other than traditional high-school-to-a-four-year college.  If such a person also knows about certificate and training programs, it would be a bonus.

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There's a course at BCC (Berkeley Community College) that focuses on just this. It's often recommended for high schoolers (at least St BHS) who aren't sure whether college is the right path for them, but would of course be appropriate for those beyond HS. I don't recall the name of the course; something about determining your life path or some such. Our child didn't end up taking it so I can't comment on the quality, but just putting out a suggestion to possibly look into it. I recall that it helped introduce careers (or college majors) that folks might not think of on their own. Best of luck. Our daughter did her first years at community college and then transferred to a UC; she wasn't 100% sure that college was "her thing" before going.  Best of luck. 

Community colleges are open in the summer. Your daughter will be able to make an appointment with a counselor. In fact, this is usually required in order to be able to register for classes. Not sure that will help her decide what she ultimately wants to do though. Maybe try the book What Color is my Parachute? Or - she could look through the catalog and find a class or program that interests her and start with that.  Now is the time to sign up for fall. My son became disenchanted with school in high school, went to cc for a year for Outdoor Recreation Leadership, acquired many employable skills, then took a semester off traveling / volunteering / working, then took the EMT course, but has now decided to work on a transfer degree and become a teacher. I am seeing that he needs to work up to managing a really full time academic courseload somewhat gradually. Quite happy not to be paying 4 year college tuition as he finds his way. CCs rock.

She should find her passion.  I was a late bloomer. I took a lot of temp. jobs while trying to figure out who and what my purpose was. Have her read what color is my parachute, and start from there. This land is full of many opportunities. Good luck!

The best thing you can do is enroll her in one or two classes that she would be interested.  Whatever you do, don't have her sign up for Statistics or Organic Chemistry!  Look through the coursebook at any of the Peralta Colleges and pick the most interesting class.