College counselor still taking new students?

I have a high school Senior who needs a little help with her college applications, essays and making last minute college decisions.  Anyone know any counselor that is still taking Seniors that is willing to work hourly?  

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My son got excellent help from Amanda Burke at Classroom Matters. She helped him identify what he wanted from college, helped him find students and graduates from his top choices to ask questions of, helped him find his voice for essays and applications, and instilled confidence in him. It really made a difference for him (and he got in to his first choice college via early decision!).

He was "late" getting started (many of his friends had coaches starting the previous spring), and CM is super affordable, which allowed us to have money for college, not just coaching.

Good luck!

Try on Solano Ave. My daughter worked with Jennifer there at the last minute (two years ago). Jennifer was a big help and had excellent rapport with my daughter. My daughter was able to fill out her college apps completely by herself and on time after Jennifer's guidance.

Try Angela Sun at

We worked with her late on in the process and I remember her telling us a story about a student she started working with the week before early action deadlines. 

She is great at bonding with students and getting them to speak up in class. My daughter was shy but she opened up to Angela things in the first session that she wasn't even comfortable talking to me about.