College counselor - is it really expensive?

Hi All,

Am thinking of going with a higher end college counselor for my son. He is in 11th grade. I would like to know how much the counseling might cost?  Is it really expensive?  If anyone of you give me rough idea that will be really great. Thanks.

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Hi, I am also explored this option of hiring a college counselor for my son who is also in high school. I received two names and I found that both counselors I spoke with had similar packages that were a few thousand dollars - ranging from about $1000-$3900 depending on what was included. The packages seemed to both offer quite comprehensive assistance. After talking with both counselors, they each also offered an option for a few individual sessions, rather than the package, that would focus on very specific needs of my son for about $200 for about an hour, hour and a half of their time. Overall, they had very similar pricing. I'm still looking into this, but this is my experience so far. Hope this helps.

I can't tell from your post of what you're looking for in a college counselor, but as another person answered around the topic, I'm going to venture to let you know that your local public libraries might be offering some great programs for free that might be of interest to your 11th grader. 

At Berkeley Public Library North Branch this week, we have the YMCA Teen Center coming to lead a workshop on how to fill out college applications and writing the personal statement/essay parts of the application. This is such a great topic, and knowing in advance about how to fill out these applications could be really helpful. That's this Wednesday, November 9th, 630-730pm at 1170 the Alameda @Hopkins Street, Berkeley. It's a hands on workshop, so your son will get some essay writing time and some great instruction on how to fill out college applications. (I wish I'd had instruction like this before I applied to colleges!). 

Berkeley Public Library has had some college and career related programs in the past few months that were about community college, how to set career and college goals, how to prepare for college, and more. I know other libraries put on similar programs - be sure to check them out. It's a great way to explore topics and find out what your son is interested in and needs, and then if you do want a college counselor for more specific help, you can then focus on what you most need. I'd recommend checking any libraries in your area and search for teen events to find related programs. And be sure to request programs if you want something specific or have a general idea that might be of interest! We would love to know what patrons want to see at the library. 

Your mileage may vary. We didn't use one -- relied on the BHS college counselor and some help from a friend. Our student was accepted by various UCs and other highly competitive schools. Ended up at an Ivy. You can use one of those books to get an idea of match/reach schools.