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Did your child work with a college admissions counselor that you loved that was involved for the whole process?  We were advised that in our son's case, we need to find one.  He was out of school ill for 1/2 a year, and has some low grades, as well as high test scores and mostly high grades, and anxiety and possibly ADHD.  Thank you for any recommendations!

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Hi There - I highly recommend Debbie Davidson and her folks at SF Admissions Advisors. Their website is - good luck!

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My daughter had a wonderful experience with Jennifer at My daughter found Jennifer helpful and easy to talk to. That said, my daughter was not working on the Common App, just UC and CSU. My daughter was accepted at the campuses she would have gotten accepted to with or without a college counselor, but having Jennifer took me out of the application process and got things done on time, which is what we wanted.

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 I highly recommend Melissa Masland in Lafayette.  She started working with my son in  January, she has been beside him every step of the way. My son is an average student and he was recently excepted into the first two schools he applied to.  My son is happy and eager to go to his sessions with her, she has provided us with a lot of guidance that we truly appreciate.