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My grandfather was a railroad guy, and I now have a big box of vintage paper railroad items - ticket stubs, route maps, schedules, brochures, dining car menus, lounge passes, etc. etc. etc.  Ephemera, I believe is the general term, much of it with lovely design. Rather than have this stuff sit in a box forever, I'm wondering if I could commission a collage artist to make something for us.  If we could get 3 items out of it, that would be one for each of us grandchildren. Would love any recommendations for this type of work, thank you so much

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My friend Erin McClusky Wheeler is a collage artist who does commissions. Here's her website:

good luck!

If you don't get any local recommendations, I have a friend who lives on the east coast who does this kind of thing. Feel free to message me directly and I'll put you in touch.

Hi! I heartily recommend Sara Glaser! She is a gifted collage artist (and graphic designer) whose work and experience I have seen blossom over the past 3O years. Here is some of her work:

I cannot recommend her highly enough. In addition to her amazing creativity, she is professional and a great communicator. She will listen to your ideas, and follow through. You can reach her via her website.  Sounds like a fun project.

Sounds like a fun project. Good luck!

No idea the style you're looking for, but a friend in LA commissions amazing collages:

Hi - I’m taking a collage class through Brentwood art center and the women in the class are truly talented. Many have been doing this for several years. So I just shared your post with the instructor to see if she herself is interested or if she could recommend somebody from the class.  I will follow up if I get a response I can share with you. 

Some [maybe all] of the items you mention could have historical, as well as, financial value.  Are you thinking of a true collage, in which materials are arranged to form a new image and are sometimes cut up in the process, or of a pastiche?  If the former, I would urge you to think again.  The latter would be gentler and would preserve the intrinsic nature of the items.  I think, in either event, that you should look into what the items might be worth before making a final decision.  And that you should be careful who you entrust them to.  Regards, ATS