Coach for young adult daughter -- helping her move forward

Thanks for recommendations for a good coach for a late 20's young woman who's needing help to move forward.  She's very wonderful, kind and funny but also an introvert and can be happy with her projects, books, and work.   Because of COVID she's been working remotely from home, the apartment in our house because rent is so outrageous, isolating her from meeting more people.  The idea was for a few years to save money but she's needing more initiative and motivation to move forward, building relationships and community.  She doesn't drink and has tried other meetups over coffee, volunteer work and a few groups, etc but hasn't connected in any lasting way.  Suggestions are welcome but think she also needs a coach or another good professional who will help her through these big, for her, steps to feel more comfortable with building relationships and establishing a more independent life.   Thanks much....

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I would definitely ask first, is she unhappy with the situation? Is she ready for change and just unable to find the motivation/inner confidence to change? I often feel I put on my extroverted lenses when I see others in this type of situation and sometimes they are just perfectly happy with the way things are. OR, wanting to change but not quite ready. That said, I absolutely agree with you that sometimes a good life coach or even therapist can help someone sort through why they are building their lives in a certain way and even avoiding certain things. I wish I had a good name for someone like this - I can think of someone, but she would be remote to the bay area - and not sure if she's accepting clients. Let me know if you haven't found anyone!