Clothes for large pre-teen boy

Our DS takes after one side of the family and had bulked up in anticipation of his growth spurt - he's currently a 34 waist but only 5 feet tall so all pants need to be altered to fit in length...(please no critical comments - he has very large bone structure - hips, knees, ankles, size 10 men's shoes, stays active, eats fairly healthily and is a victim of genetics right now - his parent and uncles were the same - all chubby and big boned in adolescence and then sprouted up).

I'm looking for style help from other moms of bigger boys - he hates to wear jeans but can't go everywhere in shorts and athletic t-shirts. Any style tips for comfortable pants (especially when it's chilly out) and shirts that cover his waist? I've been buying men's capri style athletic pants to deal with the length issue and he wears a lot of sweat-jackets but I'd prefer a more put together look for him....thanks in advance!

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My son is short and on the heavy side.  He only likes to wear jogging pants.  I found jeans at Uniqlo that feel like sweats but look like jeans.  They are the only ones he'll wear.  Also, at Uniqlo they will hem your pants for free.  I just found this all out when shopping for school clothes.  You can find Uniqlo online or there's one in Sunnvalley mall and possibly in Emeryville although I'm not sure.  Good luck

Hi, I have the opposite problem for my son. He's also a preteen, but so skinny it has been almost impossible to find pants that would stay up, without serious alterations.  I have had luck with the uniform pants at The Children's Place. I know uniform pants don't sound exciting, but they do have a range of styles. Go to their website (not amazon) and look there. They come in a broad range of sizes, have slim, regular and husky and they have adjustable waists. This is the only place that I have found pants that fit my son. I hope this helps!

Also try

My son, 8th grade, is built similarly, and last year adopted a more stylish wardrobe too...  he gave up all T-shirts with pictures on them, and we bought him nicer T-shirts from the Men's Dept at Target-- heathered fabrics, Henley neckline with a couple of buttons, etc.  Still very comfy.  He decided to finally try jeans, and we got him some, also from Target men's dept.  They are loose fit, but not baggy, and the fabric is stretchy - very comfortable, once he got used to the zipper!  The length is a bit long, but they're available in shorter lengths, and they bunch around the ankles naturally.  He now wears jeans primarily, to school.   Good luck!

Try Children's Place pull on pants for boys, they have an elastic waist so are very comfortable. You can easily hem the bottom! They are online at:

They have XL and XXL sizes and Husky too.

There is also a store at South Shore Center in Alameda. 

My boy (now grown) also hates jeans. He is on the tall and skinny side, not short and wide, but that also led me to search for more size options out there.  If he'll wear something like chinos (when athletic wear won't do), you can order many styles of Lands End men's pants hemmed to whatever you want, as short as 26 inches.

Of course, he's going to shoot up one of these days and all of those pants will be too short!