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Know a good closet designer? I have two tall and shallow closets in my old house that need to be organized with shelving and such.  Looking for someone who can organize the space and install everything.


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Do California Closets. Closets are all they do. I have used them both in SF and NY and they are fantastic. They come to your house with their books and work with you on how to max out the space. Then they measure, come back with the pre-fab units and install everything IN ONE DAY. And it looks beautiful.

It holds up, too. I have had exactly zero wear and tear on the installation, and it's been years.

A regular carpenter would probably be more expensive, and less efficient.

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Karen Rolleri, Organizeology, is amazing! Seems pricey at first, but she is super efficient and makes great use of every inch available!

Good luck!

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We recently used California closets and they did a great job!