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My child's teachers told me that her Chromebook wasn't connecting well for online classes.  I tested the network connectivity in her room and it seemed to be fine.  She's been using my laptop since and that works well.   I need my laptop for work and so need to get a replacement for school.  Can anyone tell me what characteristics I should look for in a device to preclude this problem?

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Chromebooks are in the same price range as iPads.  I would check with the school and see if an iPad can be used and add a keyboard. There's a lot more functionality with an iPad and your daughter will be able to use it for other purposes other than school.

I'd recommend getting a desktop computer from Best Buy and getting Geek Squad protection. We also got a Chromebook that zoom didn't work well on, then we tried a tablet. On the tablet zoom did work, but the tablet usability is not great for classroom purposes. You are limited to seeing only 4 people on your screen, which is especially difficult if there is more than one instructor or for back and forth dialogue. AND the camera shuts off when the chat function is used.

A larger screen is helpful for attention and focus. Going from a tablet to a large computer screen has made a huge difference in my daughter's class engagement.

Chromebooks definitely have trouble with video conferencing software, especially with Zoom.  Here's a website that has some tips:

And here's a thread that may have some ideas as well: