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I am looking for recommendations for a chiropractor who is really good with the Activator tool.  I have lower back, SI, and hip hyper mobility issues which can lead to sciatica at times.  Please let me know if anyone has had really good experience with someone using this technique/tool.

Thank you!

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Check out Ball Chiropractic in El Cerrito. They always fix me up.

Rob Ammirrati, chiropractor on 1201 Solano, next to Post Offc.  Regularly he uses the 'activator' on my neck and back. He's been our chiropractor for 8 years.  (510-524-2222)

My husband suffered with neck pain until we moved here from Texas. The chiropractor there didn't help him or me with my 'frozen shoulder'.  Rob has made all the difference.


Dyanna Anfang is wonderful and uses an activator, in addition to other techniques. She has helped me with back and shoulder pain for the past two years. She takes lots of different insurance plans.

Having worked with Helen DeLisser for 6 years, I can give a very strong recommendation for her excellent activator work (not to mention her availability, often with only a few hours notice!). My husband has also sought much-needed help and relief from Helen--when he was literally prostrate on the floor in agony--and sings her praises. Her rates are extremely reasonable plus she is very knowledgeable, attends classes and workshops to keep up her training, and is an all-around kind and nice person. She shares an office with another chiropractor and an acupuncturist in Alameda, just a few minutes from the Park St and Fruitvale bridges. You can reach her on her work cell at (510) 205-4697