Chinese New Year Activities for Babies/Toddlers

Are there any local Chinese New Year activities or events that would be fun for babies/young toddlers? It's our baby's first CNY but don't have family in the area to celebrate together.


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I just saw this in an email yesterday, hopefully you'll see something that works for your kiddos!

Yu Ming Charter School has an annual Lunar New Year Festival with student performances, food and activities. This year’s is scaled back and no activities specifically for babies, but you all might enjoy the singing and experiencing a community of Mandarin language learners. It’s Feb 8, 3-5pm, at the Upper School campus on 41st and MLK in Oakland (near Children’s Hospital). Yu Ming is a K-8 public charter school. Happy New Year!

There is a martial arts demo and lion dance at the 4th street shops annually.  It’s on Saturday 2/17 at noon, go a little earlier to get parking and a good spot on the curb.

The big parade in sf is pretty cool but not sure if you want to go that far.  They have other related celebrations in sf Chinatown, just look it up online. 

4th Street in Berkeley puts on a fun Lunar New Year celebration, Saturday Feb 16. I believe the Oakland California Museum also does a lunar new year celebration...

The Lunar New Year event at the Oakland Museum is fun for all ages; there’s dancing, martial arts, crafts, food, music, a petting zoo, dragon and lion dances, etc. and lots of grassy fields and the koi pond to enjoy.