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Hi!  We are moving to Berkeley from the east coast this summer.  I'd love to read some books with my little guys (age 3 & 4) to help them get excited about the area.  Any recommendations for great children's books about the area or California, in general?  We have a few good ones on the concept of moving, but I'm open to those, as well.  Thanks so much!

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Our kids love ABC Oakland by Michael Wertz. We also have Good Night California by Adam Gamble. Good luck with the move! 

Last stop on market st is a great book that takes  place in SF. Our 3 y/o also loves Home by Carson Ellis and asked to read it a lot around the time we were moving (it shows lots of different types of homes - not about moving per se but helped bring up a lot of things for him).

Ward Jenkins’, San Francisco, Baby! It rhymes and my son loves it. 

This is a previous BPN topic with lots of good suggestions,

I haven't read it but Last Stop on Market Street, which won the Newbery.

Here are some of the books we read to the kids about San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge:  Maybelle the Cable Car, This Bridge will not be Gray, Locomotive (Brian Floca), This is San Francisco, Pop's Bridge. 

I recommend calling the children's librarians at any library of the Contra Costa County, Alameda County or Berkeley library systems and posing the question.
Good luck.

This Is San Francisco by Miroslav Sasek -- a delightfully illustrated vintage book for children.

Two Bear Cubs: A Miwok Legend from Yosemite Valley by Robert San Souci.

When they're older: Island of the Blue Dolphins.


"This is San Francisco" by Miroslav Sasek is a good one.

"All Aboard California" and I believe "Last Stop On Market Street" is also a Bay Area written book. 

We moved to the Bay Area when my son was four years old. We read Maybelle the Cable Car to help him get excited about his new home. He couldn’t wait to finally see Maybelle in person!

Here are some classics:

The Cable Car and the Dragon: Herb Caen

City by the Bay: A Magical Journey Around San Francisco by Tricia Brown Illustrated by Elisa Kleven

Maybelle the Cable Car by Virginia Lee Burton

Fly High, Fly Low by Don Freeman; a Caldecott Honor book

Nate the Great, San Francisco Detective by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

We also love ABC Oakland in our house. 

Larry Loves San Francisco is a good one that would be about the right age for your kiddos. The same author has a few other SF kids’ books too. You can find them all on Amazon. 

Boats on the Bay is a beautifully illustrated book all about boat related things in San Francisco Bay. Read it with my 3.5 year old tonight!

We have the "This is San Francisco" picture book. I believe it was written in the 60's, so some items may be outdated e.g., there's a new bay bridge, cars look different in the book than in real life, etc., but my 3.5 year old enjoys it.

Redwoods by Jason Chin

Pegasus Books used to carry an awesome Harvey Milk coloring book for kids. Not sure if they still have it in stores but I believe you can order it here:

Thank you all so much!!