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Hi all,
We are exploring childcare options for our daughter beginning in September 2021 when she will be 7- 8 months old. We will need full-time care Monday-Thursday. We live in the Broadmoor neighborhood of San Leandro and commute to Hayward and occasionally San Ramon for work. We would like to find something close to home or work and are open to different options including a daycare center, in-home daycare, or nanny share. I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for daycares in this area or if there is anyone in the area who may be interested in a nanny share around that time. We are doing a tour of Kids Konnect in San Leandro this week so if anyone has any insight on this site please feel free to share. I realize this is a ways off but I know the wait-lists for daycare centers can be long. Thank you in advance!


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Hi, I have no experience with daycares, but what I have found easiest and best for my particular needs has been nanny shares. I can usually find a partner family on BPN.
I like that my child gets more personalized and one-on-one attention. It costs a little more but it's a short period of their life and they needs a lot of loving care during that time. It is so hard to leave your baby in someone else's hands but if you have a relationship with the nanny and trust them you feel better about it. At least that has been my experience. The cons are that if the nanny is sick or on vacation, you have no childcare, but you still pay. So that is a major inconvenience. With a daycare, there are multiple employees so they are still open.
I'm moving to Assumption parish in San Leandro in a month. I have a toddler that is in a nanny share and all 3 kids in the share are going to preschool in August or September. My other child will be about 9 months old then. If nothing better comes along sooner we could possibly team up and start a share with our 2 kids and my nanny in September. We could split hosting or something like that?
Or if anyone else reads this and wants to start a share sooner let me know!
Feel free to keep in touch.

Our 22 month old has been attending Kids Konnect in San Leandro since the beginning of June 2020 when he just turned 1 and we love it! At the beginning of each month, the center director (Ms. Bri) sends out a newsletter along with that month's curriculum and food menu. There are a lot of fun activities and my kiddo seems to be flourishing at Kids Konnect. The infant teachers are amazing, caring, and great about communicating my kid's growth. The teachers also send pictures and videos throughout the day on the Classtag app. Also, Covid protocols are thorough and we haven't had any issues so far. We've been very happy and would definitely recommend Kids Konnect San Leandro!