Moving to Davis, how to find childcare

We are moving to Davis this summer and will not get into the daycare until 2020. Is there a good way of finding a nanny in Davis--something similar to BPN? My child is 9 months. Thank you!

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While not a 'nanny service', when I lived in Davis with young kids I used a list serve through UC Davis which goes out to students.  I was able to find great childcare as well as other supports I needed over the years.

People sometimes post on NextDoor and there is also a Facebook group: Davis Babysitter & Nanny Network. We got our babysitters by posting on the UCD student jobs page or through people we knew. The UCD students actually tended to be super flaky though.

There isn't something similar to BPN, but NextDoor is really active in Davis, and I've used it a lot. For example, there's a post on there right now from a family looking for a new position for  their nanny because their children have "aged out" of her care, and there's another post from someone looking to do a nanny share. I don't do Facebook, but I know that there are many Davis-specific pages on it as well. If you need a nanny during the daytime, a student might not be the best fit during the school year because they have classes, but you could maybe cobble together full coverage by using different students. I'd try NextDoor and the Facebook group mentioned before.