Childbirth at UCSF Mission Bay?

Hi, have any of you delivered your child at UCSF Mission Bay? If so, how was your experience, and would you recommend it? I can't find much info on it since it's still relatively new. Most of my friends delivered at Kaiser (and had great experiences), and the hospital with the most reviews online is CPMC. However, I'm looking at UCSF Mission Bay because of my insurance. We're expecting in late March 2017! Many thanks!

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We had our daughter there in June and loved it. The nurses and doctor's were great, the rooms were huge, private, and really nice, I even liked the food! (Though maybe this was just because I was starving after the labor.) They were also not pushy about interventions and very receptive to your birth plan (in case you were worried about that.) Overall highly recommend. Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions. 

Yes!  I delivered at UCSF Mission Bay.  (We were living in SF and my OB was at UCSF.  We moved when I was about 8 months pregnant to Albany but I didn't want to find a new OB so we crossed the bridge to deliver at UCSF).  The labor rooms are huge, each room has a tub so you can labor in water (with colored lights to relax you!), solid food.  Great staff and responsive.  Nice outdoor patio so if you want to walk the hallways before or after, you can go outside and get some fresh air too.  The only cons - even though UCSF is a new hospital, they are having a hard time finding enough permanent L/D nurses so all my nurses were travelers. It's not a big deal but some were new to the area/procedures.  (This was in Nov 2015 so maybe things have changed).  I had a midwife deliver my daughter, who was fantastic (the resident was bouncing in and out but honestly, I am happy that the midwife did it.  She was so patient and gave great directions.).  Happy to answer any other specific questions if you have them as well.  

I delivered at UCSF Mission Bay in early June, and really appreciated the hospital. I was a high-risk pregnancy/birth (required induction, no epidural allowed), and was glad that I had other pain management options available there that weren't available in other hospitals (nitrious oxide and others). I also really appreciated the evidence-based approach to labor and delivery - they're fine with you eating food and drinking whatever, moving around a lot, getting in the tub, etc. throughout labor. They have exercise balls, a mirror for pushing, etc.The room was huge (my husband joked that he could play basketball in there), the tub was wonderful (every room has them!), and all of the nurses and doctors I came into contact with were great (with a special shout out to my main delivery nurse, who coached me through the pushing stage wonderfully). The postpartum rooms are also great - not quite as big, but plenty big, with a small sofa that converts into a bed as well as a rocking chair. Oh, and all of the rooms get some natural light during the day. The outdoor patio space was a great place to walk around the day after delivery. Food is decent enough (I recommend the chicken dim sum), although portions are on the small size.

I had the same experience as steannmom with a high percentage of traveling nurses, but didn't find it a problem at all