Child therapist that specializes in OCD

My seven year old daughter has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), and seems ready to start seeing a therapist about it.  I'm looking for a therapist that has extensive experience treating OCD in children.  Thank you!

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Heidi Ronfeldt in Rockridge:

She practices cognitive behavioral therapy.  We (my son, husband and I) saw her to assist with my son’s ADHD and it was extremely helpful. She also worked  with his teachers to create and tweak a plan to help him with his school work. My son liked her, a pretty important factor for therapy to be successful.

Melinda White (510-526-8208) in Berkeley helped my 9-year-old child cope with OCD. She used exposure and response prevention therapy and it was effective in significantly reducing my child's OCD symptoms.

Ilyana Romanovsky has treated my daughter for OCD and I can't recommend her enough. 

(510) 545-9930

You need a therapist who does ERP; it is the "gold standard" for OCD.

We have a 16 year old son with OCD who has recently responded to treatment after 10 years of searching.  The earlier you can get effective ERP treatment the better.  We ended up needing partial hospitalization treatment with Rogers in Walnut Creek, and his follow up therapy was with Amy Jenks in Orinda.  I cannot say enough good things about Amy Jenks, she is amazing and I wish we had found her years ago.  There are several other good therapists in the Oakland and SF area - The San Francsico Bay Area center for Cognitive Therapy is also very well-regarded.  If you're willing to make a yahoo account, there are several good support groups on there - one called San Francisco OCD support group.  I belong to a teens and young adult yahoo group as well - you could ask in the SF group if there is a children's group, I imagine there is.  I also belong to facebook group called SF Bay Area Parents of Kids with OCD (Kids of any age), and we have an informal email group of parents that meets every few months at a restaurant in SF to trade info.  If you're interested in that, please pm me and I'll connect you with the organizer.  Please reach out with any other questions - my network of parents is the thing that finally helped us solve this problem and find good therapists after years of ineffective therapy.