Child sleeping bag to use at preschool

My daughter is starting preschool this fall and needs a lightweight child sleeping bag for napping. Can anyone recommend one that is comfortable and easy to wash/dry? Thanks a lot!

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Do they need sleeping bags or nap mats? WildKin makes a variety of designs for preschool nap mats. To wash, I take out the pillow insert, and throw the rest in a top-load washing machine (cold water, short cycle), and let it air dry. The color has faded a over the year, but otherwise it's OK. 

The Urban Infant Tot Cot (you can find it on Amazon) is great and easy to wash -- you just need to remember to remove the pillow when washing. 

My daughter's school used a small cot and blankets. I would consider a small sleeping pad (like the foam roll-up pads) and a blanket. Sleeping bags can be uncomfortable for everyday use especially without a good pad to sleep on.

They have fleece sleeping bag liners that are perfect for that. Basically a fleece blanket with a zipper. (Amazon has them.) Warm enough, not too warm, but light.