Do you have a Chevy Volt?

We leased a brand new Chevy Volt early this month.  After nine days the LCD computer screen failed.  I'm  wondering if getting the Volt was a big mistake and if something on the car is always going to be breaking.

Anyone else have Volt?  Is it breaking all of the time?  Seems like a nice car and maybe this was a defective product.  But then I remember just how horrible GM cars were in the past.  They were made so poorly something was always breaking on it.

Anyone else having problems with their Volt?   Hope it wasn't a mistake getting it.

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We have had our 2016 Volt for about a year and a half and LOVE it. In general, we've found it a very reliable car. The only significant issue we've had is with the quality of the original tires; my husband got two flats in 10 days last summer, at which point we opted to just replace all tires. Google suggests that this is not an uncommon problem (and a little more complicated w/any electric car due to the lack of a spare & need for a flatbed tow). I'd call your dealer; we were having a problem when we bought our car w/a leaky windshield wiper fluid receptacle and they replaced it free of charge. 

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We have bought a Volt in September.  The screen did fail once, on the weekend.  We were going to take it in, but it had fixed itself by Monday morning.  So yes, the screen did fail once, but then fixed itself.  (We had one other minor problem, which was fixed under the warranty.)

In general, we like the car and haven't had any other problems in seven months.  I love not going to the gas station, and I find the car very comfortable.  

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We bought a Volt in September 2016.  We did have the screen fail once, on a weekend, but after driving it several times, it had fixed itself by Sunday evening, so we didn't end up taking the car in.  We did have one problem, which was fixed under the warranty.  In general, we like the car.  Just a perspective from seven months in.

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I got a 2017 Volt over Labor Day, and so far no problems at all. I love it. Sorry you are having issues.

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We leased a Volt for three years, just returned it last year.  It was a great car.  Really.  FWIW:  We replaced it with a Spark EV and the screen died on it recently.  FIxed on warranty and we are good to go.   There may be a glitch in the new screen/audio system in the new electric cars.  But I wouldn't let it send you into a panic about the car generally.