Changes at Mills since Northeastern taking over?


I’m interested in sending my daughter to MCCS for kindergarten, but I’m wondering how the school has changed (if at all) since Northeastern has taken over. I recently read a terrible review on Yelp about less staff and a kid being pulled because they couldn’t help him with his extra needs, and this is the only recent review I’ve seen. She also mentioned safety issues, which was really concerning. Over all I’ve read great reviews, but again nothing current. Thanks so much for any insight!

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We just started our second year at Mills and really love it. Kiddo was in the infant toddler room last year, and now the preschool room this year. They have really good communication and very low student-teacher rates. There are 5 teachers in my daughter's class of 14. Like any educational space, I think they are struggling somewhat with staffing, we had one teacher leave right before the school year started and they've had a few substitute teachers rotating in (these are normal substitutes that I've met before, and they're great). They recently cut the infant program, so now the infant/toddler room starts at 2 years old rather than 6 months. In my daughter's class, they seem to have good strategies to support kids with diverse needs (quiet cubbies where overstimulated kids can wear headphone to reduce noise or draw a curtain to have a private sensory break) and they really support and nourish emotional growth. Anti-racist curriculum and lots of opportunity for parents to connect at weekly coffee circles and other school events.