Chabot vs. private smaller


We just got an offer for Chabot for my 2nd grader. My kindergartner is going to Chabot because she has an IEP. I decided to possibly take the older kid  out of private school so that she can go to school with her sibling. But does anyone know if they will ever even see each other on the playground? Will they be in assembly together? I understand Chabot is huge and our current school only has around 250 kids this is a big change. How are academics at Chabot when it comes to writing cursive, group projects? Does that exist at Chabot? I read in a recent posting that teachers at Chabot are involved in some type of shaming, not appropriate use of discipline language (yelling or being rude to kid) Is this common? I'm shocked if that happens and no parents bring it up?  How chaotic is it really on the playground? I had done a tour 2 years ago, and I recall a nice art space, but I forget if they focus on art and music? 

The other downside to having to make this decision is that Adventure Time is so hard to get into and we have missed that mark to sign up. I stay at home so that is not a big deal, it just seems like so many unknowns. Does anyone know the 2nd grade teachers? How are they? My kid is well behaved so I would hate for her to be distracted by so much chaos in the classroom. There is little chaos at her school because it is pretty small and easy to contain. My older kid seems to be interested in making new friends at Chabot and is looking forward to not wearing a uniform and being able to possibly wear nail polish. I'm thrilled because I don't have to pay for school or do drop off, but again, I don't know where kids go after 5th grade and what to expect on the playground. 

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