Cell Service Rec - Berkeley

Hi everyone - I recently moved to north Berkeley and have experienced pretty terrible cell service via my current provider AT&T. Does anyone have a recommendation of what to switch to for more consistent and quality cell coverage? If you have AT&T have you had the same experience? Has a signal booster worked? 

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I'm in south Berkeley, so I don't experience those problems, now with Verizon (US Mobile) or before when I had AT&T. However, I wanted to point out that, long term, your problems would be mitigated if the networks are allowed to install appropriate infrastructure. Not long ago, there was a kerfuffle (https://www.berkeleyside.org/2020/08/03/5g-4g-cell-phones-towers-att-ber...) between installers and some pseudoscience followers in the neighborhood. I haven't heard about that since then, but apparently they haven't been able to improve service, and I wonder if it's related.

Best of luck!

Verizon has been excellent throughout North Berkeley (and the greater Bay Area!)