Cat sitter recommendation for El Cerrito?

Does anyone have recommendations for a cat sitter that services El Cerrito? We've used Poppy (through the Comforted Kitty) for the past few years but are disappointed that she's recently moved away. It appears that Uncle Jay doesn't service this far north, so it'd be great to hear if anyone has recommendations for this area.

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Sophie's Best Pet Sitting was great for me

We've used Melissa at Finicky Felinz for several years in Rockridge and now San Leandro, and our cat LOVES her. He's basically disappointed to see us when we get home. She can be reached at finickyfelinz [at] You can tell her Hilary (and Wally) referred you! 

Stacey Chouteau has been our go-to cat sitter for several years.  She is very particular about having social time with our cats and toys to interact.  Comes by twice a day, texts pics of cats, etc.  (510) 813-2578.  I recommend her very highly.

We used McGraw's Paws and were happy with them (mcgrawspaws [at]