Cat sitter recommendation - Berkeley?

Does anyone have a cat sitter they really like that they could recommend? Someone who comes to your house, feeds the cats and cleans the litter box, but also hangs out and plays for a little bit? I looked at the archived listings and there haven't been any recommendations since 2018, so a recent recommendation would be most appreciated. We're in Central Berkeley. Thanks for your help!

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Yes - uncle jay cat sits! Tell him Laura Isaacs sent you. He is fantastic with our two kitties (and chinchilla). He even gets our shy guy to come out for pets and love. He sents photo updates and is a true gem.

Look up Poppy’s Kitty Cats.. poppy is wonderful w our cat - she plays w him and send us updates. I highly recommend her!!

my cat sitter! she lives in north berkeley and does a lot of cat rescue. i was referred to her from our old vet - we have 3 cats and they love her. she's actually become quite a good friend in the 5 years she has been cat sitting for us. 

i don't believe she would like for me to post her info on here, send me a private message and i will forward her email and my name as a reference for you. 

We have been happy with Fuzzy Britches Pet Care:

They are very reliable, and our cat is happy :)

Stacey Chouteau has been our go-to cat sitter for several years.  She is very particular about having social time with our cats and toys to interact.  Comes by twice a day, texts pics of cats, etc.  (510) 813-2578.  I recommend her very highly.

We have used The Comforted Kitty,, for a number of years.  They do a good job.