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I have two mature cats who will need about 5 days of boarding in the hear future. I used to board them at Claremont Vets but they no longer provide this service so it would be terrific if there could be some recommendations for high quality cat care in the East Bay. Many thanks. 

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Cats do best staying at home in their usual environment, and having a petsitter come feed them and clean the litter box daily. This is WAYYY less stressful on the cat than staying in a cage for 5 days. Petsitters will also do things like bring in the mail and water houseplants. There are numerous professional petsitters in the area, many recommended right here on BPN. A terrific one that I have used is Melissa Carey of  Email: finickyfelinz [at]

She plays with my cats and gives them treats and toys, then sends photos and video of the proceedings daily, so I know exactly what the cats are up to. Typically sitters come once a day for 30 mins or so, but you can pay for longer sessions or more visits. 

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Try the Mau House Cat Motel in Richmond. Julie does a terrific job of boarding cats and her place is clean, quiet and spacious.

She spends individual time with your cat, and she truly loves animals. (she's the owner)

2829 Macdonald Ave. Richmond

Julie: 510-778-1097