Built-in storage to maximize space

I live in a 1000 square foot house with my two boys. Space is becoming an issue and I'm looking for ways to maximize our space on a budget. Currently I have a desk in our small kitchen/dining area that we use regularly but takes up valuable dining space.  I would love to save space and create a desk/work area built into the wall to gain a few extra inches of depth. The area is about 4 feet wide but only 15 inches deep (current desk sticks out from wall about a foot). Another space saving project is for the tiny entry way to add a bench or maybe just a shoe and coat storage area. I also would like to remove a window in a bedroom to gain wall space. I'm looking for a carpenter that would take on these somewhat small jobs, has an eye for design and clever use of space and be considerate of a limited budget.  Some electrical work would also be needed.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated!  

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Try Simon Shamoun with Bay Area Closets. They are high quality but also quick and affordable. Simon was great at stopping by and drawing up several options for us to choose from. The new space they built out gave us all the missing storage we needed in our 1902 home! Don't think they could do the desk but definitely the entry storage.

Simon Shamoun
Bay Area Closets
408-768 3002