Career or aptitude testing and counseling

We would like to find someone in the Bay Area who offers comprehensive career and/or aptitude testing. Our son is starting his college search and we'd like to help him understand more about himself and what kinds of college and career paths might be a good fit for him, his mind, his interests. I did this kind of aptitude testing growing up and it was immensely helpful in providing directional guidance that eventually led to a rewarding career. 

He is taking the Strong Inventory and will receive an assessment from a counselor. But we are looking for other options too, ideally with more hands on, guided testing to look at the whole person. 

Any recommendations or advice are greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

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Years ago, we learned of Johnson O'Connor Foundation --from BPN!  Both my sons did the two days of testing and I sat in on the debriefs    In depth and covers from skills (mechanical, visualization, musical) to reasoning to personality-career implications.  Reports struck my sons as useful and me as perceptive and accurate.  Tests are normed to a college population.

Check out the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation. My son and I went through their testing and I thought they were spot on with their assessments and recommendations: