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Hello - we've recently moved back to Berkeley and trying to establish new primary care, psychiatry, and other specialty care and finding it very hard to find availability for the providers who've been recommended on here in the past. However, I did find availability with Dr. Kwan Chun at Carbon Health in Berkeley. Does any one have experience with Carbon Health's primary care and/or Dr. Chun specifically? I've had positive experiences with their Urgent Care but wondering about their Primary Care as it seems a new service. I'm mostly interested in knowing whether they're evidence-based, knowledgable, open to alternative/integrative approaches, and a compassionate listener. Also needing easy process for referrals to specialty care, e.g., endocrinology. Thank you!

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I've used Carbon for primary care for years. I really like it and they do a good job. I saw Dr. Kwan Chun after having a different Carbon doctor as my pcp. He was nice and spent a good amount of time with me. His approach was good but not my style, very goal oriented in my appointment which felt like a lot (doctors appointments make me nervous). I could see others really loving that approach though. Carbon's referral process also worked well for me. 

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Have you looked into One Medical? They have a few Easy Bay offices and many different practitioners w various styles, easy referrals in my experience. 

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I have used Carbon in Berkeley for urgent care for some time now - also because I've had such a difficult time finding a PCP. I am looking for similar things that you are looking for in primary care btw. I met with Dr. Chun once, and I didn't find that his style and approach aligned with mine, so I did not move forward. I do appreciate Carbon for their urgent care services though.