Car insurance with teen drivers

Wondering if anyone has great car insurance that isn't crazy expensive once you added your teen.  We have Geico and are now paying over $500 a month for 2 cars (both SUVs, one new, one very old), 3 drivers, decent coverage, $500 deductible.  Maybe this is the price you have to pay but was curious to hear from anyone who has shopped around and found better deals. 


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One thing that worked for us was to show as an authorized user of only one car.  That may not fit your needs, but it reduced our premium. 

That's more than we pay - our insurance doubled from 140 to 275 a month when we added our teen, for two cars, an old prius and a 5 year old SUV. Could have something to do with the value of the cars but it's also where we have our home insurance so get a discount (and it's USAA, open to mlitary & veterans & their families, highly recommend it if an option).