Capoeira for 5 yo boy East Bay

Hi Friends, Can anyone recc Capoeira classes or something similar-ish for my 5 yo boy in the East Bay? He's into firefighting, swords and tools up the whazoo, recently got into "fighting" and "bad guys" (yay) and I really want to guide this big energy. He loves drumming and music too... open to any suggestions that come to mind. Thanks!

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Saturday (11/19) there is the first Capoeira class (of a winter series) for ages 3-5 at the Rich City Gallery Space in Richmond, 10-10:45. Our friend was involved in getting this organized and it should be a fun class! Text 510-334-6928 for more info. 

This Saturday 10-10:45 is the first Capoeira class of the winter session for 3-5 year olds at the Rich City Rides Gallery in Richmond. 1500C Macdonald Ave Unit C.