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I am in the process of looking for schools and one of the schools I’m looking into and have been accepted into is Canyon Elementary School in Canyon, CA. 

At first I was thrilled as this school has an excellent reputation. They have a beautiful outdoor space, a chef who cooks homemade food and mixed grade classes.

But, my experience with the principal has me a bit concerned. First, she does not respond to questions about the program in a timely manner (as in months have gone by since I sent her the email). Second, she recently let me know that they have not yet hired teachers for the 2024-25 school year (3 out of their 4 teachers quit at the very end of last year). The afterschool program director said that they also are not yet staffed, and being a working mom... I believe we have just a few weeks left before school starts, so this concerns me. Principal Julie tells me that there is nothing to worry about, but when I pressed further, I was told that they have only 2 applicants. For the many job openings.

I would love to hear from parents who are there right now. Is this just how Canyon rolls? Are you planning on staying? Would you recommend I accept the spot? 

Desperate mom

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