Can I totally block YouTube on a BUSD-issued Chromebook?

My children use district-issued Chromebooks for online school.  YouTube is restricted but there's enough to be very distracting. How can I totally block YouTube on those Chromebooks?  I'm not allowed to add BlockSite or other apps because the district is the administrator. 

(We don't own a Chromebook or laptop ourselves.  Worth getting our own for that reason?) 

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I gave back the chrome book for exactly that same reason! My kid said they watched YouTube all the time during class last year :( He’s using my old Apple laptop so I can block everything but schoolwork. Too tempting!

We're in a different district, but our experience is that you can contact your school tech support and they can block specific sites on your child's account if needed. If the teachers use YouTube, though, then your child won't be able to access the content. Getting your own Chromebook won't help- once your child signs on with his account, the school's settings take over and you can't change it. If none of your family uses YouTube during school hours, you may be able to block it at your wireless router, but then no devices in the house can access it.

You can't block it on the Chrombook.  But if your WiFI router supports "Block Site" it's as easy putting YouTube on the list.  All of the WiFI router manufactures, Netgear, ASUS, D-Link, TP Link, etc. all have the feature.  You will have to see if your router supports this feature.  If not, you could buy one.  This will only prevent access through your WiFi router.

Might be pointless if your kid can join a neighbor's router.  Due to the wild fires Comcast has opened all of Comcast's WiFi routers to everyone.  If any our your neighbors have Comcast WiFI router your kid will have access.

I'm an instructor and would suggest NOT blocking access to YouTube.  I am always giving students assignment to watch YouTube or EduTube (which is really YouTube).  Before blocking any site I would check to see with kids teachers to see if they giving assignments where students have to watch YouTube video.  Many news and instructional videos are all on YouTube. 

You should also realize YouTube is on the only video streaming service there is out there.  There's Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Facebook, Veho just to name a few.  Some of these sites, unlike YouTube allow for sexually explicit videos and other subjects you might not want your kid to know about every or at least not yet.