Can I hire someone to potty train my 21 months old girl

I recently started potty training process with my girl. Since I am full-time working and my girl goes to daycare full-time, it is very challenging to potty train her. I started with 5 days straight potty train with first 3 days being pretty decent followed by 2 days resistance. My girl definitely knows what she needs to do and can hold it for a long time but she is so afraid of sitting on potty and can not relax. Her night time is easy as she never wet her bed. I wonder whether I can hire some professionals to potty train her. How much it will cost and how long will it takes? Any advise? Since I have already started the process, I do not want to give up and retry next time. Thanks

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My suggestion, instead of speding money, just wait until your daughter is very ready. We tried to potty train when my daughter was around the same age. It was hard. Suddenly she turned 2, she woke up and wanted to pee in potty, and magically knows what to do and never look back. Using potty is kinda human nature, so let her  do her thing. Her pediatrician told us, when I was worried about her potty training, that you had never seen 7 years old still in diaper. That kinda calm me down and let my daughter got ready herself.

I think it would be best to get your day care provider on board. I’m sure they have experience. 21 months is pretty young to potty train though and you might need to hold off if your child is resistant. It seems like it happens a lot. You really can’t force it if the child doesn’t want to use the toilet yet. It will happen eventually.

For most kids, 21 months might be too young. 2.5-3 years old seems to be about the time that kids will get it on their own. At what age does the daycare start helping with potty training? Retrying later to potty train won't be starting from scratch because she should be more ready and it will take much less effort from you.