Can anyone recommend a post nup/divorce attorney?

Looking for an attorney recommendation to create a post-nup (not pre-nup). I'm assuming this will also be a divorce or family attorney. If anyone has created a post-nup, I'd love to hear your experience and how much it cost. Many thanks in advance.

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My husband and I went to Camille King to discuss whether or not we needed a prenup. She was so helpful, knowledgeable, and kind to us during this difficult conversation. I think calling her would be a great place to start. Her email is Camille [at] Good luck.

I am recently separated and researched post-nup guidelines.  I concluded that basically it needs to be the guidelines of what both parties agree on, as detailed as possible.  Then both parties sign it, and have it notarized.  Both parties get a copy, which then is used in the divorce, if necessary.  You should include things like the schedule for the kids, who gets the pets, where both parties will live (who gets the house), any spousal and/child support payments you decide on, who pays health /property /car insurance, who gets the car(s), etc.  I don't plan to divorce for several years, so I'm assuming a judge at that time in the future will view the post-nup and use it as proof that we stayed true to our word to each other (or not).  Cost:  nothing, except the fee to notarize ~ @$30.