Off-campus foreign language class accepted by Berkeley High

My student wants to take a foreign language not offered at Berkeley High, and we are beginning our search of local or online colleges that offer it.  Is there a way to find out if there are "approved" institutions we should be selecting from?  I'd appreciate any and all advice from parents whose student got credit toward graduation for classes taken off campus.  Thanks!

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Our daughter took an online college level Hebrew class that was easily approved. It met twice a week in the evening live. Cal offers Hebrew but it was mid-day & too hard to get to & not miss BHS classes

Near the end of my daughter's freshman year in high school she expressed interest in learning a language not taught at Berkeley High. She applied and was accepted to Cal's summer session and took an intensive 8 week language course that met M-F, 4 hours per day. The school/homework was intensive but she survived and succeeded and the 10 unit Cal course transferred as 30 high school units. BHS registrar, Ms.Barbara Mellion can answer all your questions about credit towards graduation. My daughter took another 3 unit summer session course at Cal the following year that counted towards history and transferred as 9 units of credit at BHS. When my daughter learned she could graduate a year early by taking political science at Berkeley City College during the fall semester of her junior year, she did and then took BHS Government with the seniors as a junior which allowed her to graduate from BHS in three years. Totally doable. Good luck!


My son took his foreign language class at Silicon Valley Online High School and it was accepted at BHS. The counselors usually have a list of approved institutions as well.

Best of luck 

Local Community Colleges offer many languages including ASL. One semester is equal to a year of high school I believe