Camps for tweens and teens with autism

Hi there.  My 13 year old daughter has high functioning autism and qualifies for a non-public school through her IEP.  She is lonesome and looking for opportunities to stretch herself, maybe even an overnight camp.  Horses at camp are a plus.  We had thought to try Camp Krem but it appears there was a fire there and they are still regrouping.  We'd really like to know where we should look when we are safe enough from covid to resume things like this.  A day camp that is autism friendly and aware local to Berkeley could be really good for this summer too.  Very low staff to camper ratio is important in this case.   Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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Our son is 15, may be high functioning autistic, and we sent him to yea camp for a week.  It is not specific to autistic kids, but in speaking to the camp director to express particular potential concerns about our son, she said they are very experienced with all kinds of kids,  including kids who are diagnosed as high functioning autistic.  

Note to the moderator- Since this question has only gotten one reply, I’d like to suggest that the parent check out AANE, Aspergers/Autism Network, at They have a list of summer camps specifically for high-functioning autism and a google group for parents where she can get more personal recommendations. 

Seeds of Awareness is a counseling center in Oakland that offers a summer camp program called Fiddleheads. We went there two summers ago and it was a great experience for my son.