Camps with strong swimming programs?

Are there any summer camps with particularly strong swimming programs?

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You didn't say what part of the Bay Area you are looking in. but if you are near Berkeley, Cal Rec Youth Programs has solid swimming programs. And of course the YMCAs also have good swim programs. My son learned to swim at the Oakland Y and then perfected it at Cal Rec.

I strongly recommend Armada Swim and Adventure Camp which takes place at Albany Aquatics Center.  It is run by Jesus Salcedo who is one of the wonderful coaches of the Albany Armada, which is a wonderful swim team. Camp is open to kids ages 7-12 and runs 9-3 with before and after camp options. Jesus brings in some of the senior swimmers from Armada (late HS and early college) who are outstanding swimmers to be counselors with him. Swimmers must  be proficient in free and back stroke (so not a good place to learn to swim).  They are set up for a pretty wide level of swimmers, so kids who are on teams and strong swimmers can get good personalized attention and kids who are earlier swimmers can greatly improve.  Camp consists of  about 1.5 hours of lessons a day four days a week and then other activities throughout the day (trips to go rock climbing, museums, etc). Camp is a great mix of high quality swim lessons and a lot of other fun activities. Great for kids thinking of joining a team, kids who want to build their skills, or kids who just want to have a fun time.  Low key, great instruction, nice mix of activities. Strongly recommend checking it out!  They will run it for five weeks this summer—kids can attend for any (or all) of them. Jesus is fabulous with kids and a great coach and he chooses counselors who are very strong swimmers who have had a lot of experience with kids.