Camping Spot for Labor Day?

I would like recommendations for Labor Day. All of the state parks are booked, so we're open to private campgrounds. Wish list includes:

Able to reserve for Labor Day

Car camping (not hike in)

Water, showers

Near water, preferably ocean or river

Store on site for ice, ice cream, emergency supplies

Less than 3-hour drive from Bay area

Some privacy (i.e., can't hear your neighbor's conversations)


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You can probably get a spot at KOA in Cloverdale -- it's quite nice as KOA's go.  It has a pool and fishing pond, plenty of space to roam, shaded areas among the trees (important, as it can get hot up there!), and yes, a store, with very nice folks working there. The property is very close to the Russian River, and there is a swimming area nearby. My kids loved it when they were smaller. Have fun!

RE: Camping Spot for Labor Day? ()

National forests also have campsites.