Social Skills Camp at Cal Recreation, Quest, Other?

Hi - I'm looking for recent recommendations for kids with poor social skills. (My 8 yo child is not on the spectrum, but does have some diagnosed issues.) The archives are a little dated for the two local camps that advertise as specializing in social skills, Quest and Camp Blue through Cal Recreation. Has anyone been recently? Is what they offer truly different from what a really good, caring camp would be doing anyway? And if anyone has suggestions for facilitated social skills training or group therapy with midyear openings, I'd welcome them. I have previously talked to CW and Maria Antoniadis. Thank you!

Mom of Clueless Kid

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Hi Mom of Clueless,

I have a 12 year old son who is in a wonderful, emotionally supportive, fun social skills group (ages 8-12) that meets in Tilden Park. They have other groups that meet in different places in the area. The organization is called Seeds of Awareness and the group is called Fiddleheads. The number is 510 788-0876 and you should ask for Bruce. It is facilitated by a licensed therapist and 3 interns (there are about 7 or 8 kids, the groups are kept small on purpose) and we look forward to it every week. I would urge you to get in touch, they most likely have an opening somewhere and they also have summer camp when the time comes. I love that my kid is in nature because he spends all his time on the computer, and he looks forward to this time every week to be with other kids. I really felt he needed the emotional support, rather than just pragmatics, and I know that he feels understood and cared about in this group. And thank you to the BPN parent who told ME about them, it is just right.