Camp for 3 year old

I need to find some great activities and maybe some day camps to fill a few weeks in August. I haven’t had much luck finding camps for a 3 year old. Any suggestions for camps, events, activities, etc would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

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At that age both of my kids loved the camp put on at Habitot. 

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The Berkeley Rec has a day camp for 3-5 year olds the week of August 6th.

There will also be some free Tinkergarten trial classes in several locations throughout the area during the month of August before the fall season starts up. These can be a fun one time thing even if you're not interested in taking a full session in September.

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The Berkeley School's Early Childhood Center is great, takes 3 year olds (even if not otherwise enrolled in the school), as long as they're potty trained.  Good luck!