Cabins to rent for extended family this summer

We are hoping that by the end of June that there will be enough good signs of COVID control that it will enable more lessening of restrictions on travel. Our extended family of about 17 people and 2 dogs would love to find some cabins to rent that would allow us to continue to appropriately distance but be set up in a way where we could congregate outdoors safely. Ideally this would be near water, or in a forest, or both. Does anyone know of a place within a 5-6 hour car trip that might be appropriate? Thank you for any suggestions. 

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We used Rivers Bend in Philo for our wedding guests.  They have mutliple cabins and houses.  It's in a beautiful location on the river, and very near Hendy Woods (redwood forest)

Drive is about 2.5 hours from Berkeley

Good luck

Ripplewood near Big Sur might meet your needs. Normally they’d be booked way out, but these are not normal times. Good luck!

Check out Camp Richardson in South Lake Tahoe, they have lots of cabins right by the lake, and it’s beautiful.