Cabin camping w/ young kids in fall/winter/spring (w/in 2 hrs from Berkeley)

We are looking for some recommendations for great cabin camping with small kids for the fall/winter/spring within a short drive from Berkeley.  Ideally, we are looking for a great location, with lots of activities that are family friendly for young kids (ages 3&5).  A plus for short distances (ideally less than 2 hour drive). We don't mind walking in to cabins, but probably need to keep that walk to a mile or less due to young kid ages.  Thanks!

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How about Hendy Woods cabin tents near Occidental? You could go to many nearby sights and enjoy a simple weekend out in the redwoods.

When my daughter was little we really had fun at the Petaluma KOA. There are cabins directly across from the playground. There is also a clubhouse, pool and petting farm. It is not really camping, but a fun change of pace with lots of outside time for a few days.

The YMCA Family Camp at Lake Sequoia is awesome!  It is a little longer drive than you prefer but totally worth it. It is out by Sequoia National forest past Fresno. Maybe 3 hours from Berkeley?

They have different levels of cabins to rent or you can get a campsite.   All meals are included with the fee so you don't have to bring food - just snacks for between meals and evenings.   They have a drop off to little kids and then separate activities for ages - kids, tweens and teens.  There is a lake to swim in and to csn take out boats.   A craft shack to make things and then activity in the evening - campfire, game night, karaoke.

Not your normal "camping" but a great way to spend time with the family and be outdoors!

Feel free to intact me with questions. We go every year and my kids love it.

UC Berkekey also has a family camp type of thing too.  Never been to it though but info is on their website.

You should check out Costanoa near Pescadero.  There is pigeon point lighthouse near by for whale watching, Bean Hollow State Beach has a fun pebble beach and lots of tide pools and there is berrypicking nearby and a goat farm!