Where to buy large appliances

I'm looking at buying several new appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator).  Do you have a fave place to buy that kind of thing?  Anywhere with good service?  Specifically looking at Miele or Bosch compact laundry, but wide open for less expensive refrigerator options (my biggest restriction is I want a white fridge that holds magnets; otherwise I'd buy the IKEA fridge and call it good). 

Also: if you've used the Miele compact 120V heat pump dryer, did you like it?  Did it take forever to dry your clothes? Exactly how long was forever anyway?

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I've used Friedman's appliances a number of times. They have a great showroom in Walnut Creek, and a really wide range of brands and models. They're reasonable priced, and have good service for delivery and installation.

We bought a GE Cafe 4-door French fridge/freezer and absolutely love it. It holds magnets as well. https://www.geappliances.com/appliance/Cafe-ENERGY-STAR-27-8-Cu-Ft-Smart...

I always go to Galvin's in Albany first.  Great service.  Lots of models to look at. 

Friedman's in Pleasant Hill.  Great service - worth the drive!

We have purchased from Sears, Airport Appliance, Best Buy, and Lowe’s. They all have pros and cons, maybe I liked my experience with Best Buy slightly best, with Airport Appliance at the very bottom. Right now with the global supply chain issues, look for the model you want, and just go for any reputable store that actually has that appliance in stock and will sell it to you. Make sure you have proof that the appliance is in stock and ready to deliver before you pay. You might have to look at a few different stores to find the model you want. When I went to look for a dishwasher I looked for 3 months before finally finding just one unit at Lowe’s. I wouldn’t buy online from small distributors you don’t know, just in case they tell you after you have paid that it’s not actually there. 

Airport Appliance in Emeryville has helpful staff and a good number of options out on the floor for you to look at.  

I like Best Buy. They have a large inventory for you to try out, and their website has accurate information about what's in stock and/or when it can be delivered. In case of problems, you can get a knowledgeable human on the phone pretty easily. In the past I've used Galvin and Sears but didn't have a good enough experience to go back the next time I needed to buy something. I visited Airport Appliance last year when I was looking for a Miele, and they had a couple on the floor but couldn't help me get the particular model I wanted. I do not recommend Home Depot. I knew there would be a wait when I bought a w/d from them last year. I paid on the website and waited 3 months, only to be told a week before the scheduled delivery that the model was discontinued. It was impossible to get anyone on the phone at Home Depot to tell me what was going on. 

I ended up with a compact Samsung heat pump dryer and it takes about twice as long as my old gas dryer - 2 hours for a full load of towels. I love it! It's so quiet, it doesn't heat up the room, it does not need to be vented, and it's much gentler on my clothes. 

Over the years I have primarily used Galvin Appliances in Albany to purchase many different types and brands of appliances for my higher end rental properties. The staff there is friendly and honest and will not try to sell you an item you do not need, They carry most well name brands including GE, Miele and Bosch. Ask for Steve or Don as they know their stuff.

Friedman's treated us like dirt because we were on a budget and didn't want a $7000 refrigerator. Airport (at the time in Hayward, I believe) was awesome - very helpful and reasonably priced, willing to help us mix and match brands to achieve our goals.

Also, re Bosch and Miele, I managed vacation rentals for years and anytime my homeowners had those brands they were problematic. 

I wish I could say I had a good experience at Galvin's, like the other people on this thread did.  We unfortunately encountered a very inappropriate salesman who completely ignored me, a woman of color, throughout the time we were there (only talking and looking at my husband) other than to ask me "where are you from?" and when I told him, proceeded to make a joke about my nationality. Needless to say we left asap and never stepped foot in there again.

I've had very good experiences buying from CostCo. Their prices are good, you get the warranty doubled, and (usually?) they include free shipping, installation, removal of the old appliance.