Buyer’s Agent specializing in duplexes?

Hi BPN people, 

Long time Berkeley residents, first time contemplating buying. Looking for someone very familiar with duplexes (or similar) and willing to help educate first time buyers that are getting a start 15-18 months before we’d ideally like to purchase. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. 

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I own and live in a duplex, main house with backyard unit. Perhaps I can answer some basic questions. Can you share an e-mail address?

Hey there, my husband and I own a property in NorCal and rent here in Berkeley. We plan on buying a duplex in a few years (know that's outside of your time horizon) but if you're interested in getting on our radar. Please reach out.

Jodi Nishimura at Pacific Union was excellent and helped me find several duplexes, including the great one that I purchased and live in now.   She's now a personal friend, and a good person all around.

Just to respond regarding being a landlord as mentioned in a previous reply: As long as you as an owner live in one unit of the duplex the other unit is not under rent control. However uou will still need to follow some basic rules an the tenants will have rights. If you do not live on site then both units will fall under rent control. For more details you can contact the Berkeley Rent Board. 

Here is a response to the answer you got from someone advising not to use or ask Realtors....

Maybe this person worked with a unprofessional Realtor?

Realtors know the markets and can help you educate yourself and pointed to the right direction for legal help. Realtors make their money by selling property, they usually make 2.5%-3% of selling price, and then that gets split with their brokerage. A good, professional Realtor wants to establish the best possible relationship with their client because referral and repeated business makes the most of their income.

There is nothing wrong to look for a duplex and educate yourself to what it means to be a landlord. A good Realtor is familiar with the markets and with the local laws. They can't give you legal or tax advice but can direct you to where you can find them. 

Good luck with your great plan!

Please be careful about accepting legal advice on this forum, even mine (although I am a lawyer I am providing general i public nformation, not legal advice). A duplex is NOT automatically free of rent-control by the occupancy of an owner in one unit. Only "Golden Duplexes" have this benefit. Please get legal advice from a lawyer who specializes in Berkeley Rent Control or from a specialist.