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I'm helping a family with the paperwork for BUSD inter-district transfer application process, and would love insight and advice from this community.  This little girl began in the BUSD district at 1.5 years years old in an early intervention program, and has been in the district ever since. She has major medical challenges, including over a dozen surgeries, ongoing speech therapy, and is currently working with the cranial-facial team at Kaiser. She has a group of friends in the BUSD that she has been in school with since kindergarten, who will all be moving on to Willard Middle School. The parents needed to move to Oakland for financial reasons, but are hoping to apply for an inter-district transfer to allow their daughter to remain in the BUSD and enter Willard Middle school with her cohort rather than put her through yet another emotionally challenging event like moving to a new school in the 6th grade, where she would know no one. Would love to hear from any parents who have navigated the inter-district transfer process at BUSD recently (At Willard Middle School in particular!), both about the process, and any advice they might have. Thank you!  

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I applied for and got an inter-district transfer for both of my BUSD kids after we had an owner-move-in eviction and had to leave Berkeley. I stressed over it so much! And then after months of fretting over trying to get guidance from the BUSD website I went to the Admissions office in person (and might have wept a little, full disclosure) and everyone was as nice as pie and I got great assistance/information. The district knows they are losing families to the housing crisis and I've been told (by a school board member) that one of the categories they consider when looking at interdistrict transfer requests these days is displacement due to housing expense. Also, for what it's worth, for other families facing this: after a year in BUSD with our transfers, we moved the kids into WCCUSD schools, where we now live, and they are doing just fine. For our middleschooler especially, Korematsu in El Cerrito has been way better than King was. Go figure!