BUSD Elementary School Waitlist, May 2021

Curious if anyone has heard from BUSD for placement off the waitlist last week.

Supposedly the last week in May is one of the timeframes where spots get offered. We're currently waitlisted basically everywhere, and haven't heard anything yet.

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BUSD will move children from its waiting list all the way though the first week of school. The school starts on August 16th and a child can be moves as late as August 20th. After that the child stays in the same school.

My understanding is that you only hear from them if you get in, and you need to contact them to find out your current spot on the waitlist. I sent a message on 5/31 to ask about my current spot and as of 6/7 haven't gotten a response. I got an automated response saying I would hear back in 5-7 business days, and given the holiday it has only been 4 (but when I wrote in April about my waitlist spot I heard back the next day).

OP here. I emailed with one of the administrators and apparently they got backlogged and have not yet moved anyone off the waitlists. The first changes will happen in mid-July.

Thanks for your responses