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 I’d be interested in hearing advice and experiences from parents in the Central zone in BUSD. I’m having difficulty ranking the schools because they seem pretty similar. Other than size and start time, are there significant differences other families have observed? Because we live in a rental, selecting a school purely based on proximity seems pointless.

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You are right, all schools are very similar. That is the point. The district puts a great amount of effort to make sure all students receive equal quality of education. The only difference can come from site funds and PTA funds and how each school chooses to spend these two tiny pots of money.

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We live in Central and visited. We ruled out Cragmont because we live in the flats. Prob basing it on start time and size might be the best. Or yard. MX felt like it did a great job in showing off to parents during the open houses.  It felt big- nice yard I think.   BAM started too late for our morning larks.  No trees it seems.   We liked the trees in Washington, apparently planted by the grandparents of its current students.  Oxford seemed to have too many stairs but it’s nice and small. 

We we ended up choosing largely by location. We’re within walking distance to Washington which makes a big difference. As you say they’re pretty much the same. You’re not going to go wrong. We were particularly happy with our kinder teacher (and the chance social connections she ended up being a part of). Good luck!