BUSD - Bus schedule?

Does anyone know the current bus schedules for Sylvia Mendez and BAM? We live near Rosa Parks, so I assume that would be our pick up spot. I realize they will change next year, but I'd love to find out this information if possible!

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BUSD - Bus schedule? (Jan 23, 2020)

The Rosa Parks pickup for Sylvia Mendez is about 7:30 am...

BUSD - Bus schedule? (Jan 23, 2020)

Please call 510-644-6182 BUSD Transportation

Every year routes are modified based on families requesting stops. You can also email transportationdept [at] berkeley.net (transportationdept[at]berkeley[dot]net)

They tend to respond 24 to 48 hours. 

BAM is a late start school at 9pm 

Sylvia Mendez is an early start school 8:10AM

Also other buses that pick up at RP for other schools like Oxford and Cragmont can have stops there, so its best to ask Transportation then other parents about pick up times. 

Personal experience: Begining of the school year my boys are picked up at BAM at 8:42am, we then lost bus service due to inactive use. When we reactivated the use of bus service their pick up time changed to 8:12am.