Bullying in Elementary Schools

My son is currently in 4th grade and has been in 2 different elementary schools. In both schools, he was verbally bullied and even physically attacked. 
He is one of the younger kids in his grade, an easy going kid, and always thinks the best of everyone, so he was very hurt by his “friends”. We told him how to find real friends, how to respond to bullies, tell the teachers, even enrolled him in martial arts. Nothing seemed to help because it kept happening every year by different bullies. As parents, we are wondering why this keeps happening to him, should we get him some counseling? Classes? Psychiatrist? Any recommendations? Thank you!

Parent Replies

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I am sorry you are dealing with this. It is awful to see our kids suffer. Have the schools helped at all? I know it can often be hard in public schools to feel like you are getting support regarding these kinds of things.  I would look into getting your child counseling. It can be helpful to both you and the child. 4th grade is still so young and kids can start to believe there is something wrong with them when faced with social issues at school that don't get better.